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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps & Compressors

R-VP2 and R-VP3 Series.






R-VP2 and R-VP3 series pumps adopt the single-stage and single-function structure with the advantage of simple structure, convenient maintenance, reliable running, high efficiency and energy saving and they can be suitable for the bad working conditions such as large water discharge and load impact fluctuation etc. They are usually used to pump the gas without solid particle, undisclosed and noncorrosive gas in order to form vacuum and pressure in the closed container.


By changing the structure material, the can also be used to pump corrosive gas or use corrosive liquid as operation liquid. They are widely used in paper-making, chemical, petrification, light industry, pharmacy, instruments, metallurgy, construction, electronic appliance, coal-cleaning, mineral concentration and fertilizer.


We make system optimization design for the key parts, such as distributing plate, impeller and pump shaft and simple the structure, improve the performance thus to realize the energy saving. All the hubs are processed to solve the problem of dynamic and static balance fundamentally. 


R-VP series pumps with gas wand water separator set up suction and discharge ports in many places. The discharge valve check and repair window is set up in the pump cover. The gap between the impeller and distributing plate is adjusted through the location of gland of the two ends of the bearing. It’s convenient to install and use, simple to operate and convenient to maintain. 



Discharging pressure is up to 0.35Mpa when it is used as a comperssor.
Features and Benefits:

*Robust and low maintenance

*Low cost

*Low noise -- 85dBA

*Choice of construction materials such as titanium, stainless steel and corrosive resistant materials

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