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About Us

Resources Unity Pumps, a Resources Unity division.  

"We are not too big to be

flexible, we are not too small to be 

Capable. "

PO Box 416 Bondi Junction NSW Australia 1354
Resources Unity Company is an Australian company, specialising in mining and aggregate industries. The company practices the best possible product making resources acquired through its decades of manufacturing experience. Resources Unity combines its own original products, such as all-steel casting products and polyurethane, with outsourced quality OEM equivalent manufacturers and direct exclusive large distribution channels.

At Resources Unity, we're proud of our early stage leading material technologies that have helped mining companies to overcome severe operational challenges. However, we also believe combined strengths can make an even better product. While we are the leader in some material technologies, it's only fair to say that other companies are leaders in different aspects. It's our philosophy that by combining the best of the best, we become even better.

The global mining industry has been moving forward in equipment and wear material technology for years. Resources Unity's objective is to set a milestone from which point the industry can only advance. This philosophy represents the spirit of Australians.

Resources Unity is striving to become the supply partner that you trust and depend on.

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