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Roots-water Vacuum Pumps & System



The greatest advantage of roots vacuum pumps is high exhaust speed under low inlet pressure. However, the pup must be connected with a backing vacuum pump since the roots pump cannot work until the backing pump vacuities the pumped system to the allowed inlet pressure of the roots vacuum pump. Moreover, the roots vacuum pump cannot tolerate large pressure difference, otherwise, the pump will be damaged by overload and overheat. A suitable backing pump and safety devices are indispensable for the roots vacuum pump.


The backing pump can be vacuum pump like slide valve pump, rotary vane pump, water ring pump or oil ring pump. The water ring pump is quite ideal for gas with a great deal of vapor. The precise gear is installed thus the operation noise is quite low.


Besides, the vibration of roots pumps is extremely low because of perfect dynamic balance generated by discharge flange and suction flange that meet a specific standard and international standard.


High exhaust speed can be obtained in medium vacuum, thus running cost is reduced. The gap between rotators and gap between the pump body and rotators are strictly controlled to avoid frictions between moving parts in the pump cavity. All the flange parts are sealed by O-rings instead of flat organic silicon rubber, making maintenance much easier. No lubricant exists in the pump cavity to ensure the dryness. 






267Pa 1st-Stage
67Pa 2nd-Stage
0.5 3rd-Stage
Features and Benefits:

*Higher vacuum degree

*Special customized according to customers’ enquiry.

*Choose relevant electronic control system to control the pump real -time running

*The whole machine is used of skid mounted, rational and compact design

*Supply lots of special material, including iron casting, stainless steel and macromolecule anticorrosive materials

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