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Horizontal Slurry Pumps 

R-HDH Series




IMPELLERS – wide variety of metallurgic and elastomeric options– pump out vanes on rear and front (on closed impellers) reduce recirculation within pump, and aid in preventing seal contamination – optional castings of straight or semi-Francis vanes (from 3 to 8 vanes on certain sizes) offer wider hydraulic options in single sizes

LINERS – wide variety of metallurgic and elastomeric options – active engineered attachment mechanism to casing via threaded bolts as opposed to unreliable glue

THROATBUSH – wide variety of metallurgic and elastomeric options– adjustable via cotters to account for wear over time and increase efficiency

CHEMICAL COMPATIBILITY – operating pH range from 3 to 14 – especially corrosive chemicals handled using diverse variety of elastomeric wetted parts



Resources Unity offers a wide variety of seal options to suit any process requirements

EXPELLER (CENTRIFUGAL SEAL) – available with low flow water flush or zero flow (grease lubricated) options to provide exceptional sealing where water introduction to the seal is intolerable or limited

STUFFING BOX – gland sealing with packing and lantern ring

LOW-FLOW SEAL – Resources Unity offers a variety of low-flow seals, which can significantly reduce water usage in the stuffing box – the low-flow seal systems can be applied in a variety of applications using several material and component options









All bearings assembled with highest quality tapered roller bearings in controlled environments to prevent lubricant and housing contamination – oversized shaft diameters and reduced overhang in the wet end contribute to long life and reliability in the field



Split-case design allows for ease of access and maintenance on wet end parts – cast ductile iron with exterior ribbing provides increased pressure ratings and reliable service over time



A single piece base with integrated adjustment mechanism for impeller clearance within pump – bearing assembly locks into base using four heavy-duty bolts – three custom designed mounting modes available: overhead using integrated single pedestal system, side-by-side with adjustable motor mount, and direct-coupled with precision in-house alignment



The R-HDHsw series pumps are versatile product category that suits many applications; including mill discharge, dredging, tailings and dewatering. The R-HDSW pumps can improve operational efficiency and reduce overall operational cost largely.


Application customization comes standard with this line using a variety of metallurgic and elastomeric parts options, an assortment of seal arrangements, and a standard impeller adjustment mechanism incorporated into every base/assembly.








*Discharge Diameters 25mm to 450mm

*Heads through 240ft (73m)

*Flow Rates through 22,000gpm (5,000m3/h)

*Casing Pressure Tolerance 300psig (2,020kPa)

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